The PopSugar 365 Day Happiness Challenge: Day 1-Sunny Me on a Rainy Day


I really wished it were a sunny day. Instead the clouds hugged the sky and would not let any blue peak out. Meanwhile I dug in my suitcases and boxes for my favorite things to wear. I had packed everything away while trying to do the minimalist challenge. This challenge consists of packing all of your belongings and taking out things as you use them. A year later, you’re supposed to discard anything that you didn’t unpack because you didn’t use them. Well we already know that I will not be discarding my favorite clothes.

The Dress

Putting an outfit of my favorite things together brought back so many memories. I could remember exactly the day that I bought my dress. I was in Chiapas, Mexico. I spent 2 adventurous months there and became friends with several of the locals. One of them absolutely wanted me to visit his hometown, San Cristobal. We went to his home where I met his well to do family. Then, the family went shopping at the mall. Soon after we hit the small picturesque streets of downtown San Cristo for more shopping.

That’s when I saw her. This insolent mannequin was displaying herself at a window of a small shop across the street. And she was wearing my dress! I’d never seen this dress before. I was sure it would not fit me, but the dress pulled me in like a magnet!  It was love at first sight and I had to try it on. I dashed across the street like a crazy woman and into the shop I went. I demanded that this mannequin be stripped of her dignity immediately. The salesclerk complied. I struggled in the tiny makeshift fitting room praying that the dress would fit.

And it DID!

fav outfit
Dress by Xtaren. Boots by Lobo Solo. Bag by Alberta Dicanio.

Now the price was outrageous and being eternally poor, I knew I shouldn’t buy it but my reasoning centers were high-jacked. I bought the dress. Since then, I’ve worn this dress several times. I always get complimented on my look. As an added bonus, the dress is comfortable. I am someone who will sacrifice beauty for comfort, so this dress brings me intense pleasure. A comfortable, beautiful, fitted, unique dress, that everyone raves about and that brings me memories of 2 wonderful months in a wonderful place with wonderful people? Now that’s a real delight.

The Boots

Brown leather boots from Leon, Guanajuato. Such vivid memories. I remember exactly when we went to Leon. It was my first time there. We were soon to leave Mexico and my friends and I wanted to check a major item off of our bucket list: attend the annual hot air balloon festival. One of my friends slept on the floor of my living room so we could be ready to catch the bus at 3 AM!!!

The day wasn’t perfect at all. I was grumpy. We didn’t get to ride any balloons. We lost each other in the crowd. But it was freaking great! The walk to the launching area was picturesque. We saw some of the most creative hot air balloons ever! The crowd was so diverse and chill. It was like a mini Coachella. We then went shopping because Leon is well known for their leather products. And that’s where I bought my first pair of Mexican leather boots. I wore these boots to death until my trip to Boston where I ruined them in the snow. Despite the discolored look, I still wear them. I love my boots. I love recounting the story of how I purchased them.

The Bag

Oh Boston! It was my first winter ever and it was one of Boston’s worse winters. I remember the excitement of seeing and touching snow for the first time.  There were also the loneliness, the depression, the biting cold, the tiny room that made me discover that I might be claustrophobic, the nice people I met and the not so nice ones. Oh let’s not forget the surprisingly beautifying effect of the cold weather on my skin. And then there is my cheap leather bag: purchased in Boston. Such a simple design. Such a beautiful color. So useful. So affordable. It was a great addition to my wardrobe. It’s my everyday bag. It has lost its original shine but my heart is fondly attached. This bag and I spent time with wonderful Bostonians who provided warm memories to balance the harsh suicidal winter. In fact, I think I’ll call one of them today.

The Happiness Effect

I struggled to take a blog-worthy picture of my outfit. It rained hard on my way to the bus stop. The strong winds broke my umbrella. But boy did I feel good! I didn’t flinch. I looked fierce. I felt fierce. With my comfortable, laid back, killer outfit I felt like I was the sunshine in the rain. I got countless compliments. I saw people staring. I spent the whole day out delighting in the comfort, memories, serotonin, dopamine and uniqueness that my outfit provided me. I was Ra! I was warmth, light and glow to my surroundings, while my son, Shu, the wind, blew over the city, while I silently praised my daughter Tefnut, the rain, for quenching the soil’s thirst to feed us.

I’m loving this happiness challenge already and on day 2 I’m supposed to sign up for a free exercise class. Looking forward to that!