Delighting in the Skin I’m In: Summer Woes Week 2 Update

Week 1 of my new summer skin regimen went fairly well. After making some changes to the original plan, my pimples, heat bumps and large pores were gone. Unfortunately, I developed dry skin and my acne came back right after my period. For week 2, I continued with the modified regimen from last week and substituted L’Oreal’s Eucalyptus mask for the red algae one, praying that this drying out process wouldn’t backfire with excess oil production.

So the plan for week 2 was:

Night time

  1. Remove cc cream with Neutrogena’s oil free makeup wipes 
  2. Wash face with  Cetaphil’s oil control foam wash
  3. Apply Olay’s ultimate eye cream
  4. Apply Clinique’s acne treatment  to entire face to prevent future breakouts
  5. Apply Neutrogena’s rapid tone repair moisturizer
  6. Sleep with AC on.


  1. Rinse face with cool water
  2. Apply L’Oreal’s Eucalyptus mask to purify and mattify every other day
  3. Spot treat pimples with Ziana
  4. Apply Olay’s ultimate eye cream
  5. Apply Cetaphil’s oil control sunscreen/moisturizer
  6. Apply Clinique’s CC cream
  7. Spend day in an air conditioned room
  8. Drink lots of water and daydream about the Korean 10 step skin regimen


Day 1: Back in the Benzoyl Peroxide Habit

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing All Over Clearing Facial Treatment Oil FreeI had exactly 4 pimples along my left jaw. That morning I noticed that 2 of them were already drying out but there was already a brand new painful one forming on cute double chin. I tried Clinique’s acne treatment the night before. My skin was not swollen or tight. I felt very minimal burning, but it was totally bearable.

I applied L’Oreal’s Eucalyptus mask to purify and mattify. It didn’t feel as luxurious as the red algae mask. This is your typical smooth clay mask. No exfoliating beads. I could really feel my skin tightening with this mask compared to the red algae. I could not wait to take it off. But when I did, I could actually see that my skin was much more radiant than before. There was no doubt. While the red algae has a positive psychological effect on me, the green one seems to objectively work. Soon after, I could see the dry skin flakes on my forehead and nose. I quickly applied Ziana as acne spot treatment and the Cetaphil moisturizer, looking forward to what this week had in store for my skin.

Day 2: I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

I was so thrilled because I applied Clinique’s acne treatment for 2 days in a row and my face was feeling fine. I didn’t even feel any type of burning that morning. It didn’t seem like the dryness was getting any worse so maybe I’ll be ok with this regimen. I really enjoyed looking at my face in the mirror. Three weeks ago, I would see myself in the mirror and cringe thinking that I need makeup to cover up all this mess. But applying makeup only made matters worse. Now I look at myself and I smile. I love my skin. I didn’t feel like I needed to cover anything up but if I were to add any makeup I know that I’d look fabulous. This made me think about beauty. Maybe only what is already beautiful can be made more beautiful.

My acne, although not gone, seems to be contained.  I have one more pimple right under my lip but it’s ok. As long as my face isn’t covered with those little pesky things. My face does not look as dry as it did a couple of days ago. In fact, I had to blot some oil but it wasn’t too much. Hopefully it’s not the start of what I feared: increased oil production due to me drying out my skin.

Day 3: New Makeup Samples from Bobbi Brown

My face looked great in the morning. My face was still tolerating the Clinique acne treatment very well. It burned a tiny bit while I was applying the mask but the feeling was very transient. I was  glad to apply the green mask hoping it would help dry out my new pimples. I could barely notice the ones on my left jaw and the one on my double chin was no longer as painful or swollen. The one under my lip was much less visible. I finally got some new samples from Bobbi Brown to replace my Clinique CC cream.

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer - Light To Medium Tint - 50ml/1.7oz

Day 4-7: Happily Tinted

I wore the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer  but I didn’t go out because my friend wanted to Skype.  When she saw my face she was all praises. She liked how dewy I looked.  Although I prefer a matte look, I had to agree that this product was a better match for me compared to Clinique’s CC cream. Needless to say, I’ve been wearing this every day. The green mask burned more than usual on day 5. Although this regimen seems to work, I think it’s best for me to use these masks less frequently. I decided that the following week I’ll just use each mask once a week. I also think that I’ll use the Clinique acne treatment every other day.

I feel like I’ve finally found what I need for loveable summer skin. My skin didn’t produce a ton of oil like I thought it would. The Universe is sending me all kind of signs pointing me towards the Korean 10 step skincare regimen. Like how yesterday, I ran out of makeup wipes. This could only mean that I need a Korean oil based makeup remover. And with all the dryness that my face is experiencing now, I think I need the daily moisturizing face sheets. And who knows how much better my face would look if I added a serum? Maybe it will be some miraculous outcome like never having to pluck a facial hair again! Ha! Now that would be wonderful.