The PopSugar 365 Day of Happiness Challenge Day 5s: The Bake A Cake Trap

Day 5 #1

I was elated. I could not wait. I knew exactly what kind of cake I wanted: a chocolate cake. My cookbook has a great cake recipe but I was afraid that I’d eat a huge cake all by myself in one day. Trust me. I can. I’m allergic to self control.

In an effort to prevent gluttony, I spent the prior night looking up single serving recipes. I thought that maybe I’ll make two small cakes: one for me and one for my cute neighbor. But what was I going to say? “I made 2 cakes. Do you want one?” No. That would make me look weird. I was going to be honest, by saying “Hey, I made you a cake.  By the way do you wanna go out with me?” Yes! That’s what I was going to do. I was going to be bold and ask a cute, well mannered man out. I was ready for rejection too. I was ready for him to say that he’s gay or that the hot girl I often see walking to the elevator is actually his girlfriend. None of that mattered. Just the idea of me bluntly asking a man out made me feel powerful. I’d go home and celebrate afterwards, no matter the outcome.

I found a really easy recipe for a 4 inch cake. As I read the recipe, I made mental substitutions. All purpose flour? Bad! Let’s do flaxseed meal instead. Sugar? Sad! Honey it will be. Oil? Bad hombre! We’ll replace it with banana. Nevermind that a few months ago, I bought flaxseed flour and hated it so much that I ended up giving it to a coworker. Nevermind that I read that our body processes honey just like it does sugar. Nevermind that I hate banana in baked goods. Nevermind that I’m a horrible cook and a much worse baker.

I power-walked to the store. I bought fruits to decorate my cake. I somehow convinced myself to buy a stevia/honey concoction because it was half the calories. There was no 4 inch baking dish.  I forgot to buy the banana. I got home and panicked. I needed to do this challenge tonight but I didn’t have the right stuff.


The idea of not completing it gave me a deep sense of disappointment. I really wanted to bake this cake. So I decided to just wing it. I baked my cake in a mug. I ended up with this work of art.


It was very moist but so bitter, that I had to drench it in my stevia honey. I didn’t like it but I ate it. Every bite I scuffed down lit a little fire in me to try again. I scratched the idea of ever baking a cake for my neighbor.

Day 5#2

The next day, I was supposed to have a sleepover. There were 2 problems with this challenge. # 1- All of my friends who qualify to sleep at my place left the city months ago. # 2- I wanted to bake a cake. This time I was wiser. I googled: ‘flaxseed chocolate mug cake’. Oh yeah it exists. I followed the recipe as much as I could with the ingredients that I had. I also remembered that I do have a ramekin type of bowl thingy somewhere in a box where I carelessly placed my kitchen items for the minimalism challenge. This time I ended up with this:


I…loved it. I ate it all, satisfied and glad that I had successfully completed Day 5’s challenge. Now I could move on to the next challenge.

Day 5#3: It’s a Trap!

It was July 4th. I went for my morning walk by the lake. There were so many people setting up tents and grills to celebrate the day. I decided that I should do a little something too. This was a great excuse to use my Japanese bento box. This way, I wouldn’t have to throw it away a year from now due to lack of usefulness during the minimalism challenge. I went home, made breakfast and baked another cake.  This was supposed to be Day 7 but I was stuck on Day 5. This mini cake thing was taking over my life. I felt bad and decided to listen to the radio while I baked. Turns out that listening to the radio was the assignment for Day 8.  I was lost. Nevertheless, I gladly made my way to the lakeside, my impromptu picnic items jangling in my bag, eager to enjoy my third cake.

The delight project

Oh and my neighbor? We often ride the elevator together. We usually talk the entire time until we part ways to our respective destinations. I decided that next time I find myself stuck with him, in this tiny elevator, just him and his cute self and his pleasant manner, I’d finish our usual conversation with “Hey, I made you a cake but I ate it.  Can I make it up to you by taking you out on a date?”