Today is National Chocolate with Almonds Day

Today is National Chocolate with Almond Day. I didn’t know that. But Ms. Wind Kisses over there, after reading about how mini chocolate cakes were taking over my life and ruining my health, decided that she had to let me know! Oh whyyyyyyyy???

She and I agreed that I needed to head back to the kitchen and bake a mini chocolate cake that incorporates almonds. I mean chocolate is the food of the gods. Almond is a symbol of watchfulness and promise. I could not let this day go by un-honored. That would be a sacrilege!

But I’m lazy and an inexperienced baker. When the recipes that incorporate almonds required additional shopping and I could not find chocolate syrup in the stores nearby I decided to get creative. I’d use the same recipe that I used for my last 2 cakes and cover the cake with Nutella and I’d top it with sprinkles of crushed almonds.


That’s the best idea I’ve had in ages and the best mini chocolate cake I’ve made so far. I devoured it like a savage. Thank you so much Ms. Wind Kisses! Now that I’m sure that this treat is a delight, I have to ask my cute neighbor if he likes chocolate with almonds. But first, I need to find out his apartment number.