The Sad End of A Quest

I was absolutely right. The yard sale did bring him in. Of course it did. I knocked on his door last night to let him know about the yard sale and to see who’s around. When no one came to the door, I left a note instructing him to call about the yard sale. I left yet another note this morning. This was bordering on harassment. He had to either show up or report me to the police.

He showed up instead, alarmed, thinking that I was moving. I quickly noticed that he wasn’t into buying anything. I wasn’t into selling him anything either so I offered a chair. I could have also offered him some cake but I didn’t bake any because my uterus is depriving me of my productive and reproductive hormones. It was great talking to him though.  I kept on thinking about how to bring up the question. “Hey, I’m glad you came in cause I’ve been meaning to ask you something.  Do you have a girlfriend?” How much moxie would I need to ask him such a thing?

He was in the middle of a sentence when another neighbor walked it. It became like a mini party. In the midst of our chatter and laughter, it wasn’t long before the topic of his girlfriend came up. He does have one. A really nice one. I didn’t even have to ask.

So here ends my quest. Although I was totally prepared for this, I must admit that I am a little disappointed, slightly saddened, but not in an overwhelming way. Nevertheless, something great happened today. I got to know some of my favorite neighbors better. Now when we all see each other there will be a stronger connection, especially during those one on one elevator conversations.